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DGD-300B-2 Electrosurgical Generator (Multi-function)
DGD-300B-2 Electrosurgical Generator (Multl-channel)
DGD-300B-2Electrosurgical Generator (P.A.Cl)
DGD-300B-2 Electrosurgical Generator (Standard
DGD-300C-1 Electrosurgical Generator (100W)
DGD-300C-1 Electrosurgical Generator (P.A.C)
DGD-300C-1Electrosurgical Generator (300W)
DGD-300C-2 Electrosurgical Generator(P.A.C)
DGD-300C-2 Electrosurgical Generator(Standard)
DGD-300S Bipolar Coagulation Generator (P.A.C)
DGD-300S Bipolar (Standard)
DGD-300Y-2 Argon Gas Cut and Coagulation
DGD-300C-2 Electrosurgical System for Leep Surgery

    Beijing Beilin Electronic Co.Ltd. was founded in 1991.We are the leader in the development and manufacture of electrosurgical systems in China.Over the years,Beilin has received many nationally recognized awards from both beijing Municipal Government and the State Science and Technology Committee.With the sale of more than 2000 Units per year,we are by far the largest domestic electrosurgical manufacturer in the country .
    Tody, over 5000 hospitals and clinics are using Beilin's systems, Our domestic market share has been continually exceeding 30%inthe past several years.
    Beilin is committed to excellence in every aspect of our business,delivering high quality products that improves patient safety while satisfying doctor's needs and providing superior service to our customers.

DGD-300B-2 (Multi-function)
DGD-300C-1 Electrosutgical Generator(P.A.C)
DGD-300C-2 Electrosurgical System for Leep Surgery
DGD-300S Bipolar Coagulation Generator(P.A.C)
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